Successful program management requires dedicated, hands-on Account Managers. Once the tour is launched they handle the day to day operations of the tour. Our account managers target your consumers’ demographics to ensure optimum return on investment tour scheduling. They also take away the hassles associated with your inventory and various logistical headaches that arise. Our account managers are committed to providing personalized detailed services that meet and exceed your needs.

• Account Managers and support staff have an average of twelve years experience in the industry.

• Lend expertise in scheduling, site selection, routing, accommodations and planning

• Navigate the complexities of federal safety transportation regulations

• Foresee potential barriers in the tour and provide their skill in identifying solutions

• Effectively manage the total cost of your Mobile Marketing program by including fleet services (permits/licensing for US and Canada, highway use tax, heavy vehicle tax, apportioned tags, IFTA quarterly fuel reporting and taxes, personal property taxes - local and other states and insurance) into one simple billable item